Giles Watling, MP for Clacton, has welcomed the additional £10,894,000 for Essex County Council (ECC) to spend on potholes and wider highways maintenance.

This new funding, announced recently in the Budget, will help ECC repair potholes, keep local bridges and structures open and safe, and help with other minor highways works that may be needed.

The Labour Party failed to invest adequately in transport infrastructure. During their last term in office, the number of potholes increased in every quarter, leaving a legacy of substandard roads.

The Government are tackling this issue with new funding worth £420m nationally – the single biggest ever cash injection to improve our roads. This is on top of £950m already provided to councils across the country this year for local highways maintenance.

In September 2018, Essex County Council filled 86 potholes in Tendring, along with 12 defect pavements. If you know of any roads or pavements that need fixing, let them know here:” 

Giles said:

“Although this is strictly a County Council issue, I get many potholes highlighted to me by local residents and we all need good roads to get to where we are going. I am pleased that the Government has listened to their concerns and this new funding will ensure that we have the best infrastructure going. Make sure you report any issues to the Council, so they can be addressed!”