Giles Watling, MP for Clacton, has helped move the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill through Parliament – this Bill aims to introduce a code of practice for the operation and management of private parking facilities.

The Bill, which was introduced by Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight MP (East Yorkshire), was considered at Public Bill Committee (PBC) on 19th July, which involved analysing the Bill on a line-by-line basis. Giles was asked to sit on the PBC, after speaking in favour of the Bill at its Second Reading on 2nd February 2018, and this Bill, which has cross-party support, successfully completed its Committee Stage, meaning that it will return to the House of Commons for Report Stage.

Speaking during the PBC, Giles said:

“In a particular scam in Clacton last year, some 400 tickets were issued in Ravensdale car park, which had a very large sign that said, “Free parking”. In very small print, hidden round the back, were the terms and conditions that nobody saw. People expected that they would be able to park for free. It was a scam; some 400 tickets ​were issued and many were challenged. A certain local councillor, Councillor Richard Everett, was very strong in fighting those tickets and got a lot of money back for people, so it is worth fighting. I support the Bill, because this must never happen again.”

Speaking after the PBC Giles said:

“I am pleased to back this Bill as it makes progress through the House. As I have said previously, parking scams have negatively and regularly impacted on the Clacton constituency and this cannot be allowed to continue. This Bill will address that situation, and I hope that it will become law as soon as possible.”

Read Giles' speech in support of the Bill at Second Reading here.