Pensions Dashboard

Example Email Correspondence

Dear Giles Watling, 

The pensions dashboard is reportedly on the verge of being scrapped despite the fact that it is ready to be launched at any moment. 

Please do everything in your power to speak up and make sure that Esther McVey does not scrap this new valuable public service.


My Reply

I firmly believe that creating a strong savings culture will help secure a better future for individuals across the UK. This means helping people plan and save effectively for their retirement.

This year, it is expected that 10 million people will be newly saving or saving more as a result of Automatic Enrolment. This key reform is making saving into a pension a social norm once again. As more people become savers, I agree with you that it is important that people have access to as much information as possible to help them make informed decisions about their retirement.

This is why the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is establishing a Single Financial Guidance Body, which will bring together the provision of free and impartial debt advice, money guidance and pensions guidance to deliver a more streamlined service to consumers. The 'Check your State Pension' service has also provided over 9 million estimates since 2016 to help people forecast their State Pension.

Recently, the DWP has been carrying out feasibility work to explore the complex issues associated with the development of a Pensions Dashboard. Yesterday, the Secretary of State reported their findings to Parliament, and set out that: “the Government backs industry to deliver a pensions dashboard. An industry-led dashboard, facilitated by Government, will harness the best of industry innovation, and Government will protect pensions savers by legislating where necessary.”