A new market for Clacton

As part of his plan to boost the local economy Giles Watling took Communities Minister Penny Mordaunt MP to meet Darren Bradwell, owner of Bradwell's Cafe and former chair of the Clacton Town Partnership, to discuss getting an outdoor market in the town.

Giles Watling said:

"I was talking to market traders in Walton and they were looking for a market in Clacton. Clacton is just the perfect place and a market would increase the numbers of people coming here year round. Having a proper outdoor market in Clacton will bring more good local jobs and investment to the area."

Communities Minister Penny Mordaunt MP said:

"I've been talking to a number of people today about what the government has done to support local businesses like business rate relief. What I've heard today is a very clear vision, a market initiative which Giles has been telling me about I think is absolutely superb.

"I know Giles is someone who has really rolled up his sleeves and got stuff to happen locally, whether its securing sea defences or standing up for the area."