Giles Watling, MP for Clacton, recently met with representatives from the RSPCA to hear more about their approach to tackling animal cruelty in the local area.

On 23rd March 2018, Giles met with the RSPCA’s local Chief Inspector, Samantha Garvey, and Rachel Williams, Senior Parliamentary Advisor at the RSPCA, to raise his concerns about animal cruelty and to hear more about the animal welfare issues that they are dealing with, both in Clacton and nationally.

Giles was also able to join Chief Inspector Garvey on several jobs throughout the constituency, so he could experience these issues first hand. During that session, Giles attended various incidences of animal cruelty in the local area, and rescued a German Shepherd that was undernourished – that animal is now doing well and is recovering.

Clacton is one of the worst areas nationally for animal cruelty, and the RSPCA are working hard in the local community to help not just cats and dogs, but a broad spectrum of animals including horses and birds.

The RSPCA investigates complaints of animal cruelty and neglect, and seeks to prevent further cruelty or remove animals from abusive situations. There are currently 340 RSPCA inspectors, 50 animal welfare officers and 88 animal collection officers working to prevent cruelty and promote kindness to animals in England and Wales. Inspectors investigate more than 149,000 complaints of cruelty and neglect every year.

Giles said:

“I would like to thank Sam and Rachel for meeting with me, and for telling me more about the important work that they do in Clacton and throughout the country.

“Some cases of animal neglect are as a result of ignorance – not knowing how to care for animals. Unfortunately, such cases are all too common in our local area, and I am pleased that the RSPCA is working so hard to combat this issue. During the session, we also found a link between animal cruelty and human deprivation, and alerted social services where necessary.”

“Having witnessed a number of distressing situations throughout the constituency, it is clear to me that we must do more to eradicate animal cruelty, and I will continue to work with closely with the RSPCA to stop animal cruelty, both locally and nationally.