Home Secretary visits Clacton

Recently, Giles has been contacting residents to survey their concerns and opinions on issues that affect them. 

Many residents have raised policing, crime and anti-social behaviour as areas of concern. Giles is committed to fighting for Clacton at the highest levels and invited the Home Secretary to Clacton to speak first-hand with residents about their concerns. 

Joined by dozens of local activists and Councillors, Giles took the Home Secretary to Holland on Sea in Clacton and spoke to locals about crime and anti-social behaviour. 

Giles said " It was fantastic to have the Home Secretary come down to Clacton to discuss the continuity and reinforcement of policing in the area.

I will be encouraging that we maintain the level of policing on the street and we will have further discussions about the police station in Clacton, because that is something that is really concerning people.We need officers out on the streets to provide a strong, permanent police presence in Tendring"