Giles Watling, Member of Parliament for Clacton, visited St Helena and met with Chief Executive Mark Jarman-Howe to discuss the future of the hospice and their Clacton based centre.

During the meeting Giles was informed that St Helena was looking at all options available to operate most effectively and efficiently offering first class support for local residents who are terminally ill and offering support services to their family.

During the review of service provision, the future of the Day Therapies in Clacton are being considered.  Giles was reassured that Day Therapies, Bereavement Support groups and clinics will continue to take place but would operate from alternative premises.

The Board of Trustees of St Helena is currently seeking planning permission for the development of the Tendring Centre on Jackson Road into a mix of residential and leisure use. If planning permission is granted the Tendring Centre will close but the services offered will continue to be provided.  However, a final decision on the centre will only be taken once they have planning permission and an up to date market valuation.

Giles said

“When I met with Mark Jarman-Howe I was concerned that the ‘closure’ of the hospice was just that, a closure of an invaluable facility for the terminally ill and their families but after having a chat with Mark I was reassured that the services offered will not change.  All that will change is the location from where these services will be provided.

"Any proposal that seeks to change the status quo is always difficult to deliver, particularly when the proposal is in relation to services and support that is provided to those at the end of their lives. The thought of uncertainty and change is unwelcome.  However, having spent time with Mark at the hospice I have faith that the changes that are being proposed are not detrimental to the services and support offered by the highly qualified team at St Helena.”