Responding to today's Financial Statement, Giles said:

"I welcome the announcements today in the Financial Statement. These changes aim to protect and create new jobs through the coronavirus recovery period, and these are positive interventions, which, as we move forward, will help limit the impact of this virus on our day to day lives, and our businesses.

"These announcements also build on the unprecedented package of support the Government had already put in place, and the third phase of the Government’s plan will be set out in the autumn with measures to support the longer-term recovery through a Budget and a Spending Review. These will detail further plans to invest in public services, to support innovation and growth-enhancing infrastructure with a National Infrastructure Strategy, to seize global opportunities and to level up opportunity across every region and nation of the UK.

"I am particularly pleased by the interventions to help our tourism and hospitality businesses, which are so central to our local economy. These sectors are significant employers in our area and these businesses have had to wait patiently to reopen. This plan gives them the best start possible to our collective recovery.

"And yes, as we return to these businesses and a sense of normality, we will need to remain vigilant. But these measures would not have been introduced if they cannot benefit these businesses safely. Moreover, this has all been made possible because of the sacrifices residents have all made to control this virus, and I would like to thank them all again for acting so responsibly during this outbreak. I have no doubt that such personal responsibility will continue over the next few months."

You can read the full Plan for Jobs here: