Giles Watling, MP for Clacton, has questioned the Prime Minister on the measures being taken to improve rail links to the Clacton constituency. This took place during the new Prime Minister’s first appearance at the Despatch Box to discuss Priorities for the Government on 25th July, the transcript of which is below:

Giles Watling MP:

“I thank my right hon. Friend for bringing some sunshine into this place. I invite him to come to the sunshine coast of Clacton, if he can put up with the 1 hour and 40 minute journey that it takes to cross the 69 miles. Will his Government please focus on infrastructure to places such as ours, which are so often overlooked?”

Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP (Prime Minister)

“I thank my hon. Friend for the plea that he has put in. He has added the line to Clacton to the long list of infrastructure projects that I propose now to expedite. He is quite right, because our programme is to use infrastructure, education and technology to level up across the country, and that is what we are going to do.”


Read the question here.

Watch Giles’ question here.