Giles Watling, MP for Clacton, recently attended an event alongside the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) in Westminster, to discuss the ways in which we can raise awareness and increase understanding and accessibility for people living with Dementia.

Researchers estimate that there are over 200 types of Dementia, affecting people’s short-term memory, perception, communication skills and reasoning. The DAA’s aim is for an increase in local organisations becoming Dementia Friendly.

Locally, the DAA have been working towards creating more Dementia Friendly spaces in Essex by holding a free Dementia Friends session, which link people with local support services, as well as 'Dementia Cafés' around the community. People with Dementia and their loved ones have found it helpful and reassuring to be able to socialise with people who have similar experiences to their own.

The Dementia Action Alliance’s website explains their aims in more detail, as well as its achievements and history. More information can be found here:

The DAA have said: “It’s important to note that by conducting simple changes and learning more about Dementia will enable people living with Dementia to continue to live as normal a life as possible”.

Following the event, Giles has said: “The Dementia Action Alliance is a great cause, helping to create a safer and more aware community. I am excited to be working locally with the Alliance so that their aim of making people suffering with Dementia feel more included and understood in the area is reached. Sadly, I have personal experiences as my mother, a wonderful engaging woman, lost her personality in later years due to this dreadful disease. I will do whatever I can to alleviate the issues associated with it.”