Giles Watling, MP for Clacton, has met with young campaigners from the Send My Friend to School campaign in Parliament, to talk to them about how the UK can ensure that every child is given a safe environment in which to learn.

The meeting, which was organised by the APPG on Global Education, took place on 20th June, and Giles heard about the coalition of NGOs and teachers unions who are working with young campaigners and schools across the country to make schools safe. This year, thousands of young people successfully campaigned for the UK to join seventy-four other countries in endorsing the Safe Schools Declaration (SSD).

Campaigners are now focusing on implementing the SSD, following the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack’s (GCPEA) Framework for Action, which can be read online.

A spokesperson for the APPG on Global Education said:

“While the endorsement of the SSD by the UK government is rightly seen as a major breakthrough, it is now vital that the UK capitalises on that commitment in the most impactful way by implementing the SSD and advocating for others to endorse and implement the SSD. This is the only way to really shift behaviour and practice to keep schools and children safe from harm.”

Giles said:

“I really enjoyed meeting these young campaigners, who have already done so much to make schools safe. However, plenty of work is left to do to ensure that the SSD is implemented, and to support girls and children with disabilities who are experiencing violence at school. All children deserve to be able to go to school safely, and I will do all I can to help.”