Giles Watling, MP for Clacton, has joined the campaign to diagnose cancer earlier last week, as Cancer Research UK’s Cancer Awareness roadshow made a special stop at Parliament.

At the event, on 10th July, Giles met with the charity’s roadshow nurses and campaigners to learn more about how cancer affects people in the Clacton constituency. The roadshow team travels the country helping the public recognise possible signs and symptoms of cancer and talking to people about the lifestyle changes they can make to reduce their cancer risk.

Diagnosing cancer earlier – when it is more likely to be treated successfully - is a vital part of ensuring more people survive cancer. The Government has made a commitment to diagnose 75% of cancer cases in England at stage one or stage two by 2028. However, to reach this target the NHS needs a long-term plan for the cancer workforce who deliver the crucial cancer tests and treatments people need. Without this, there will not be enough specialist staff to meet the present pressures or cope with the growing and ageing population. 

Shaun Walsh, Head of Public Affairs and Campaigning at Cancer Research UK, said:

“A big thank you to Giles for coming along today and taking the time to learn about the challenges facing cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment today.

“We will soon have a new team in Government and whoever is in charge needs to ensure that improving survival from cancer in the UK is at the top end of their to do list.  Put simply, we do not have enough key NHS cancer staff in post to diagnose and treat cancer soon enough.  Cancer survival rates are lower in the UK than in comparable countries. The new Government must address this, so that everyone has the best possible chance of surviving this devasting disease.”

At the event, Giles said:

“The curse of cancer strikes everywhere – certainly it has in my family. I applaud those in the front line fighting this evil disease.

“Moreover, I know that early detection saves lives, so it was great to meet the roadshow team at Cancer Research UK and learn more about spotting cancer early, as well as the vital work being done to beat cancer.

“Events like this are also an important reminders we can all play a part in the fight against cancer, whether it be researchers, campaigners or the tireless fundraisers across the Clacton constituency who are helping to support life-saving research.”