Fighting for round the clock maternity services at Clacton Hospital

Giles Watling today brought Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter MP to Clacton Hospital to visit the maternity unit and to make the case for a full 24/7 service.

Giles Watling said:

"As a father of two daughters I know how important it is to have access to high quality maternity services close to home. This is why I brought Dr Dan Poulter to see the maternity unit and to make the case for a full 24/7 service. 

"It's great news that maternity services have returned to the hospital. As someone who has campaigned on the issue – including attending the protest march – I know that this progress is due to the hard work of the local people and the Conservative team.

"However, there is still work to be done to get the 24/7 service we all want. That's why I am campaigning alongside local councillors and doctors to keep around the clock maternity services at Clacton Hospital – so mothers and fathers get the service they deserve as hardworking taxpayers."

Dr Dan Poulter MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health, said:

"It's good news now that we've got a fully functioning maternity unit providing high quality personalised one-to-one care for so many women in Clacton. I see a very strong future for this maternity unit and that's supported by the fact that as a government we've managed to train an extra 1,800 midwives over the last three and a half years to ensure that units like Clacton can have enough staff to support women through pregnancy, delivery and the post-natal period.

"It's incredibly important that we have people standing for parliament like Giles Watling who is not only grounded in the local community, but has real life experience from working in the real world - and that is something that will make a real difference in terms of having someone who is a strong voice for local health and NHS services going forward."