On my return to Parliament, I wanted to take the opportunity to wish you a very happy New Year. Although, before we can enjoy the coming year, we have the small matter of Brexit to sort out.

As I said previously, I am minded to vote against the deal, because of the backstop.

The majority of my constituents voted to leave, and I have no doubt, from my discussions, that the majority maintain that opinion. I do appreciate that voting against this deal may move us closer towards no deal. However, I will not blink in this situation and will not back the deal when staring down this outcome. I do not want or welcome no deal, no one does, but I am sure that the British public would far prefer a no deal outcome to any deal that left us vulnerable to an indefinite backstop – this is not what they, or my constituents, voted for and would mean that the last two years would have been for nothing.

We are currently scheduled to vote on this matter next week, and as this is a fluid issue, I would expect some movement. I will, of course, keep you updated with how things proceed – if you are a constituent, please email my office to ensure you are on my Brexit distribution list, if you have not emailed already:

As ever, I do not believe that we should have a second referendum, nor should we extend or revoke Article 50. The British people voted to leave, and we must deliver on that instruction, rather than delay or prevent it.