My 6-Point Plan

  • Infrastructure before Expansion

    I believe in "I before E" – Infrastructure before expansion.We need to take control of the number of houses built in our area, and ensure that required facilities are in place before any new development. We need a plan that says what is built, and where it is built. It needs to include homes for our children and grandchildren. It should not include 12,000 houses that nobody wants.

  • Helping businesses & keeping taxes low

    Small businesses are the heart of our community and the lifeblood of our local economy. We need to support local businesses and keep taxes low.Locally, new businesses starting up can apply for 50 per cent discount in their Business Rates for the first six months.But we need to do more. 

  • Welcome residents who contribute but ensure restrictions are enforced

    I take a dim view of benefit tourism, London Councils dumping their problems on us, we can’t afford it and we shouldn't tolerate it.We have our own rules on who can apply for a council home. You have to live here for 5 years before you are eligible. Local benefits for local people. Local homes for local people!Nationally, I feel the same. People work hard, pay their taxes and don’t want others coming here to take advantage of them.

  • Tackling crime in our area

    People have a right to feel safe in their homes, free from crime and the fear of crime.We should start by letting local residents, not remote politicians, decide if they want their street lights off or on throughout the night.Our local council has taken action to support the police in combating crime and anti-social behaviour but we need to do more.

  • Improving local tansport systems

    Transport is key to our prosperity as a community.We are only 70 miles from London, yet it takes 90 minutes to do the journey by train. That’s just over 45 miles per hour.

  • Securing a better future for Clacton

    I want to secure a better future for our area by putting us on the national agenda so that we can create more full time jobs, protect our health services and keep them local.Some improvements to our area cannot be achieved by our local council alone. Tendring District Council approached the Environment Agency for help to make the fabulous £36 million sea defence scheme a reality.